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"J'me, thank you and Pam for the great job you did in presenting our Training for Trainers program.  The responses from everyone was very good to excellent.  I am looking forward to continuing to provide training to our staff that will enhance our operation.   I am hopeful we will be able to continue to use your expertise in future training.   Thanks again for all of your help."--Ron Ward 


"I cannot say enough good things about you guys. Our escort service in New York city has gained tremendous insight and expertise in areas of operations and streamlining. We strive to be the best service in NYC and am sure your trainings will take us to the next level." Jamie Lynn


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I use JCO to catch up. Then there's Lamar. Kind of a political pundit. Love him or be a hater. Hard to argue with him.--Watchdog


Training Evaluation Comments

I get jealous when others get to go to your training and I don't!

Don't change a thing, so grateful I got to come.

I was very skeptical about attending, but this training opened my eyes.