Our Solutions

Leadership Development: Staffing Analysis, Training, Curriculum Development

JCO offers customized training and leadership development programs designed to meet the client’s desired outcomes. Improved performance and resilience in today’s challenging economic times are essential to maintain your organization’s success and cost containment. Some of the key curricula provided include: conflict management, change management, identifying and impacting your organizational culture, leader style 360 assessments, and team building.

Statistical Analysis and Program Evaluation

JCO offers quality process and outcome analyses and evaluations. These include initial assessments, focus groups and surveys, and uncomplicated to sophisticated statistical modeling, projections, and simulations. In addition, JCO works with clients to train and develop employees to understand and know what to ask and expect of statistical analysis and program evaluation in order to optimize their own performance. Further, JCO supports this training and development with continued assistance through the sustainability portions of implementation recommendations. JCO continues client relationships to assist them with creating their own systems for analysis and evaluation to ensure continued program and policy success.

Data Collection and Reporting

Policies and programs must have accurate and reliable data as their foundation before they can be judged and reported successful. JCO clients often rely on data systems created before the policies and programs existed, leaving the available and accessible data less useful than optimally needed. JCO works with clients to determine what can be used in the current systems and what needs to be developed. We also provide support to the new development as well as assisting creation of reporting mechanisms that inform decision-makers in a timely and thorough manner.

Technical Assistance for Sentencing Guidelines/Commissions

Difficult fiscal environments demand more staff support at a time that they are least affordable. JCO clients may desire to staff commissions, data and research centers, or other committees, councils and workgroups to better inform their decision making but lack funding to do so on a permanent basis. JCO and its network of associates provide access to staff support to these bodies to organize and coordinate meetings as well as managing part of any mandated statistical or other reporting. JCO clients may not be able to afford an entire sentencing commission, as one possible example, but they may be able to devote a lesser amount for set services that JCO has the experience and expertise to deliver.

Futures Planning and Simulation Deliberation

JCO clients may not have time to survey the approaching trends and events that will impact their performance a year or more in the future. Through its blog, daily news links, publications, and onsite presentations and workshops, JCO informs its clients of obstacles and opportunities on the horizon and works with them to prepare appropriate responses to maximize organizational and policy performance.

Policy and Procedure Development, Implementation and Sustainability

Policy and procedure development based upon best practice, research, applicable accreditation, and other germane requirements is the hallmark of any effective and efficient operation. This is precisely the product JCO develops for clients to include specialization based upon case law and legislative directives. JCO also works with its clients to construct measurable outcomes and performance measurements for all policies.

Private Prison Contract Development and Compliance Monitoring

The complexity and evolution of criminal justice outsourcing require current knowledge and ability to develop, monitor and ensure accountability of contractors. This is particularly acute in contracting with private prisons and other comprehensive services. The partners and associates at JCO have the most extensive in the nation in developing outcome-based contracting. This includes sanctions and incentives on key indexes and baseline data applicable to industry best practices. JCO offers negotiation assistance in addition to writing contracts and developing requests for proposals and for bids.

Serious Incident After Action Reviews and Recommendations

Third party review of critical incidents in criminal justice is crucial in maintaining objectivity and neutrality and providing such services on an as needed basis, thereby saving valuable resources while utilizing results to improve safety. JCO perceives this as a growing area of needed expertise while governing entities are requiring an increasing number of independent reviews. JCO partners and associates have 100 of years of investigative experience with critical incidences, serious incident reviews, and after action reports. As with all JCO services, clients receive a comprehensive review to include our unique application of data analysis, research and best practices that are tailored to each client’s needs.

Security Audits and Recommendations

JCO offers in-depth analysis of your facilities’ current security protocols and identifies breeches and recommends solutions.

Female Offender Management and Operational Practices

Female offenders are a rapidly growing population in correctional facilities across the country. Female offenders typically arrive at prisons through different pathways than male offenders. Successful gender-specific management and reentry of a female offender present unique challenges. JCO offers specialized training, program development, and process and outcome evaluation based on proven results contained in current research regarding this unique population.

ACA and AJA preparation and system development

JCO offers training and establishes effective systems linked to sound policy and procedure which leads clients to successful certification or re-certification process outcomes.

Technical Assistance for Grant Writing and Monitoring

JCO affords clients a comprehensive package of grant writing assistance, including creation of sustainability plans and measurable outcomes which are paramount in grant awards. JCO is unique in the ability to offer monitoring of outcomes and submission of data once the grant is awarded. Our expertise and practical experience in the area of national criminal justice data trends places JCO in the forefront of successful grant writing.

Expert Witness testimony

JCO has the exceptional ability to offer expert testimony because our vastness of experience in corrections and other areas of criminal justice. Our testimony can range from years of experience in a particular area of expertise to the ability to provide valuable research and data analysis.