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The world of corrections, sentencing, and public safety faces continuing and increasing change. The time and dollars to address this effectively have shrunk and are not likely to significantly increase in the near future. Maximizing public dollars and public safety requires not just best practice today but also for the future. JCO offers preeminent expertise in development, implementation, and operational knowledge of criminal justice best practices with particular adeptness in corrections and sentencing. We also offer thorough, constant monitoring of ideas, trends, and problems that are better addressed early to successfully navigate the future.

JCO’s principal partners are nationally lauded and recognized for their work in the application of best practices, research and evaluation, statistical analysis, and leadership development. All services and products developed for our clients are research and data driven, coupled with best practice applications and measurable outcomes. Our services are comprehensive, and we are distinctively qualified to provide continual follow-up and monitoring based upon specific client needs. Where other companies may make recommendations and then leave, JCO helps to see those recommendations through.

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